The 3.000 meters' of the Pyrenees - 6 nights

The valley of Benasque, located in the heart of the Pyrenees, is one of the largest spot for country skiing as the meeting point of the giants of the Pyrenees offering great scenery. Through out the 5-days long trip, we will climb up to the two highest peaks of the Pyrenees: Posets (3.375 m) and the mythic summit of Aneto (3.404 m).

It is an inroad of great beauty for experienced and fitted skiers; it offers a long, gorgeous run every day with exceptional views. The trips will have between 900 and 1,300 meters in vertical rise per day and we will be accommodated in the refuges of Angel Orus, Estós and La Renclusa.

Heli Random

The route

Day 1: Welcoming briefing, explanations about the route and overhaul of the equipment.

Day 2: Approach to refuge of La Renclusa, acclimatization skiing.

Day 3: Climb up to Aneto, 3.404 m, and run down to the Hospital of Benasque.

Day 4: Ascent to the pass of Perdiguero, at 2.450 m, and descent to the refuge of Estós.

Day 5: Ascension to the pass La Paüll, at 3.057 m, and descent to the refuge of Angel Orús.

Day 6: Climb up to Posets, at 3.375 m, and run down to the departure car park. Celebration dinner and accommodation in a hotel in Benasque,

Day 7: Goodbye-meeting.

Note: The guide reserves the right to change the program for any reason relating to safety, snow conditions, weather and avalanche risk or physical / technical level of the participants.