Heliski classic

We accept a maximum of 12 people, divided into 3 groups of 3 riders. The helicopter takes alternatively the 3 groups each group is being lead by a guide.

When you book this activity, the easiest would be to form your own group of 4 people; nevertheless you can also sign up individually. In that case, we will complete the group with other people.

Located on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees, the Val d’Aran is an amazing location for heli-skiing: a vast territory of 400km2 in between 3.000 meters and 1.500 meters of altitude, with no restriction of fixed points. The wide variety of descends (more than 120 runs enumerated in a total of five areas) makes it possible to adapt to all conditions and requirements of all skiers. The descends vary from 600m to 1100 vertical meters.

The base is the heliport of Vielha. All of our heliski activities begin with an introduction of the security briefing, the presentation of the equipment, its usage and the helicopter. Each participant is equipped with a ABS backpack, victims detector in avalanches (ARVA).

The helicopters are Ecureuil B3 type from the Spanish company “TAF Helicopters”. These helicopters are the best in mountain operations, 5 passengers can be taken per ride (4 riders + 1 guide).

Heli Classic

The prices are per person and based on a complete group of 4 people

2 runs: 290€
3 runs: 390€
4 runs: 490€
5 runs: 590€

From the 6th run on, every extra run costs 80€.

All our prices include:
The prices do not include: